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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  August 23, 2013 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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susteren standing by thrive go "on the record." greta. this is a fox news alert just moments ago police in washington state releasing surveillance video surveillance photos of two suspects in the fate beating of a world war ii veteran who was wounded in the battle of okinawa. the murder victim, 88-year-old delbert boughton, spokane washington police say two teens beat him to death last night. they attacked him in a parking lot of an ice arena. officers found the victim in his car. he had serious head injuries and later died. police are now looking for two suspects. anyone with information on this crime is asked to call police. we're going to bring you more on this breaking news story as we get it. right now, another unthinkable crime. >> one of the perps claims to have knocked out five white people since the zimmerman trial. very happy and proud about it. same guy claims that 90% of
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whites are nasty, and he hates them. but it is your host, rush limbaugh, who injected race into this story. >> i can tell you what one of them have said, the one that is talking said, we were bored. we wanted something to do. we wanted to kill somebody. >> we saw in social media allegedly linked to one of these suspects where he's saying, come get me. i don't care. i'm not afraid to die. >> james edward jr. the 15-year-old months ago on what is believed to be his twitter account. he posted this. the message was "90% of white people are nasty. #hatethem." >> why does the left protect racism? they're doing so here in the killing of this australian college student. >> i'm going to do everything they can to ensure that we see these three thugs pay for what they did to christopher lane. >> prosecutors planning to do next, stephens county district attorney jason hicks joins us.
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good evening, sir. >> good evening, greta. >> two of the men in this charged with first degree murder and the other one, the driver, is an accessory after the fact in another related charge. can you tell me why the driver has a lesser offense when he was in the car? and i assume that the passengers charged as an aider and abetter to the triggerman. why isn't the driver? >> i can't get into a lot of detail with respect to why the driver is only using those words only charged with a lesser crime except to say what has been presented to us the charges are appropriate for this particular situation. and as i talked in open court tuesday and pointed out to the judge in my request to deny bond for edwards and -- well, to deny for the two charged with murder in the first degree, what we ended up with there was a situation where i told the court that those two absolutely had
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nothing to do with law enforcement. they didn't want to talk, they didn't want to cooperate. they had nothing to do. and at that time, jones gave us some information that we needed. >> we're hearing that james edwards, which is the passenger of the car that he had a twitter account with rather disturbing tweets. have you had occasion to look at that? >> i have not seen everything that has come off of edwards' twitter account. i've been made aware there were some statements that he made that were derogatory -- that would have been racial comments that were made. but based upon all the evidence that i have inside my file at this time, all the videos, the police reports and what not, i don't have anything in there indicate that the killing of christopher lane was related to either his race or to his nationality. >> apparently one of them is speaking. we understand that to be jones, the driver. and is he the one who said that
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they were just wobored and lookg for something to do? >> that would be correct. >> and what was sort of the followup on that? i guess that they were aghast at hearing that. any followup things he said after that? >> i don't want to get into too much detail as to what he said. because at some point these three are going to have to go to trial. but in followup, we're still visiting with that particular defendant at this time trying to pin down exactly the motive and what not behind this particular crime. >> after the shooting, they fled. how was it that you were led to them? >> we were led to them -- they fled. they went west from the murder scene to a hotel and restaurant. there's approximately a mile from the scene of the shooting. stayed behind a hotel for approximately 11 or 12 minutes at which time it's our understanding they hid the murder weapon inside a
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compartment of the hood in the vehicle, fled the scene, and then they took edwards to the stephens county courthouse where he had an appointment with the office of juvenile affairs. had to sign off on a probation agreement. >> edwards is not new to the criminal justice department if he's got to sign off on probation. >> no. >> is that the point at which they were arrested? >> no. from there we would have to roll forward approximately three, maybe four hours. we get a call that came into the 911 center in duncan reporting three suspicious individuals in a black car across the street from one of the local churches. law enforcement agents went to that particular scene and put two and two together and realized that this black ford focus that they were in was the black ford focus that was tied into the murder earlier in the day. good police work is what it was. >> any resistance to being arrested when the police pulled
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up on them? >> no. there was no resistance to an arrest. >> have you had -- people don't realize that one of the toughest parts about being a prosecutor is that you often at some point you talk to the victim's family. that's tough. that's hard. and i realize that they live in australia. but have you had any contact so far with them? >> it's a very difficult conversation to have with the victim's family. i have visited with the girlfriend with the harper family inside duncan. i have not visited with the lane family in australia. but we'll be doing that within the next i'll say week to two weeks. >> what do you say to them? >> i don't know that there's anything they can say to them. i certainly can't do anything to bring their child back. he was sent over here to do nothing more than to seek an education and to better himself. all i can do is apologize for their loss, apologize to the australian community for such a tragic accident. because this isn't reflective of
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our society. it's not reflective of duncan, oklahoma. it's not reflective of stephens county, oklahoma. and express to them that i'm going to do everything that i can, everything within my power to ensure that these three thugs pay for exactly what they did to their son. >> looking at your docket, i know you have some feel for your docket when cases get tried or not. i know you can't tell us with certainty but you have some sort of idea. when would be your wild guess this would get to trial, assuming it doesn't have some sort of plea agreement? >> i think with the best case scenario, i'm going to say it's probably going to be 12 months. it's probably more realistically going to be 18 to 24 months before this actually makes it onto a trial docket. >> some jurisdictions it takes forever to try a case once they get into trial. california is the reference point. i'm curious how long would you -- i know you don't know what the defenses are. i know this is still early. but typically a trial like this lasts about how long in trial in oklahoma? >> we anticipate this lasting
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anywhere from one, one and a half to two weeks. it shouldn't take us more than two weeks to have it tried. >> and the next court appearance is early october? is that correct? >> that is correct. the jones is scheduled for -- actually scheduled for a preliminary hearing in early october. luna edwards are both scheduled for preliminary conferences in early october. >> will they not be tried together? i assume the defense attorney is going to try to separate them, but don't you expect -- how come the preliminary hearings aren't sort of joined together? >> there will be motions filed requesting the court hear the preliminary hearings together. jones's preliminary hearing will be heard separate from the other two simply because he's in what is referred to as the youthful offender system here in oklahoma. but when it comes time for trial, there'll be motions filed and requests made that the court hear all of it together for judicial expediency and other reasons. that will be a decision made down the road. my preference would be try them all together. >> and defense wants to try them
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separately. you say that jones is a youthful offender. he's actual lit oldest of the three. is that because he has a lesser charge that's allowed to be considered a youthful offender? >> yes. it's because he's charged under oklahoma statute with a drive-by shooting statute. that's a youthful offender offense in the state of oklahoma. then he's also charged with accessory after the fact. and for all intents and purposes he's being treated as an adult. we will have to file a motion to impose an adult sentence on him. that will be done in the very near future. >> but he can still be tried together with them even if he's a youthful offender? >> yes, he could. >> district attorney, thank you very much, sir. >> thank you, greta. and now to some very disturbing tweets boy one of the murder suspects. fox news correspondent garrett tenney is live with the latest. tell me about these tweets. >> they actually are very disturbing. these two tweets that we're
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going to to show you here are both from james edwards jr., here is the youngest of these three teens that were involved in this case. this tweet was a few months ago. he allegedly posted this. "90% of white people are nasty. #hatethem. then in another post just a few days after the trial of george zimmerman, there was this message where using slang he bragged about knocking out five white people since the verdict was read. we spoke to the district attorney earlier today as well. and he said that right now they are not focusing on the murder as a hate crime, and instead is a homicide, though. and meanwhile, a private memorial service has been scheduled for christopher lane on saturday afternoon at oklahoma christian university. that's the university where his girlfriend attends. and organizers are planning to have all who attend write down memories of lane to send to his parents in australia. and earlier this week, a former
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teammate of the collegiate baseball player started an online fundraiser to cover all of the expenses that it would take for lane's family to fly to oklahoma to retrieve their son's body and return it back home to australia. and as of just a few minutes ago, more than $106,000 in donations have poured in for the trip and to establish a memorial in his name. greta? >> garrett, what's the level of certainty that this twitter account is that of the defendant, number one? and number two, if it is his twitter account what's the level of certainty he's the one who actually did the tweeting? >> those are always the big questions when you are trying to verify the twitter account. they do have some profiles that of course have verified. and those are usually celebrities and big known people. but he was not one of those. we are able to look at the tweets and be able to look at different things we know. for instance, a court appearance that he had. he was tweeting there on that account. or whoever was was tweeting about a court appearance going to see the judge.
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we do know that edwards was scheduled to be in court at that same time that day. so we do have that go off of. but twitter accounts you can never be absolutely certain of that. police of course have not said at this time whether for sure or not that is had is. >> certainly stunning things that at least one of them is accused of saying. of course now we're all referring to this as a thrill kill. but is there any -- i guess there's nothing to sort of mitigate against that. so far no evidence has come up to at least make any of them look innocent or any of them to have nothing but sort malice in their heart on this. >> nothing has come up at this point. of course their family members, almost any family member would say they don't believe that these young men had anything to do with this crime. but at this time, they have said that they don't know exactly where those teens were at that time when this happened. when one of the mothers came home, the mother of luna, she said that she found her son at home and that he left shortly
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again thereafter. so there hasn't been anything to say otherwise at this time. >> garrett, thank you. >> certainly. >> 15-year-old james edwards accused of first degree murder and posting racist tweets. pastor ryan benton has known edwards for years. he joins us. good evening, sir. >> how are you doing, greta? >> very well. these tweets, have you now read them or heard of them? >> no, i haven't kept up the with any of the tweets. and just through hearing other people talk about them. but i haven't seen them myself. >> the one that james francis edwards, the young man that you know at least on his twitter account, and people believe he's the one who tweeted says "90% of white people are nasty. #hate them." how do you reconcile that with the young man who you know? >> well, in my profession, in what i do, i watch kids grow up. and as they grow, they start to
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make decisions. and this kid as well as other kids in our community are faced with the choices of what circle of influence they're going to follow. and i've spoke time and time again to him. and i'm just one voice of many people in the community, whether it was coaches or police officers or just leaders in the community that have talked to him about using the gifts, the talents to be able to -- to be able to lead people in the right direction rather than making the choices that they sometimes make. >> well, as i understand you saw him about three weeks ago. i'm curious, based on what you just said, i take -- this is just what i'm reading into it -- that you were a little suspicious that this was a young man who was not headed in the right direction. from what you said. is that a fair description? or does this totally shock you? >> of course this shocks me. >> but i mean, was he a troubled
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kid is what i'm saying. is this a troubled young man that in some way you're shocked by the heinousness of the crime but not so shocked by someone maybe who his behavior as such that the writing is on the wall? >> no. i never imagined that any kid would be capable of this. and i look at this, and i have to ask myself, what would cause something like this? and there are no answers. and we're probably not going to ever know e full extent of the driving force behind it. but when i look at kids and the circle of influence that surround them, eventually they are going to start making bad choices and they will become who they hang out with. and that's what i saw of that. he had positive influences around him. and he also had a lot of negative influences around him. >> how about his family? how about his family? do you know his family at all?
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know his mother, father, siblings or anything? >> i know his father. >> what can you tell me about his father? >> we run at the outreach we run a free meal program. and one of the apartment complexes that we give food to children in is the apartment complex that his father i assume is employed there as a grounds keeper. but every day throughout the summer he helped make sure that the k the kids were getting the food and that they were being respectful. and throughout the past two or three years of doing free dinner programs, he's always been there to watch out for us when we came onto the property. >> let me say, do father and mother live together? and did james edwards live at home with them? i mean, this is an intact
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family? >> i don't know that answer. >> ever see a mother in the picture? >> no. i haven't. >> how about the luna the man who is alleged to have been the shooter? the young man you know alleged to be the passenger not the driver in the car? did you ever hear mr. luna or ever see him? >> no. no. i'm sorry i haven't. >> did edwards have good friends among the people that you minister to? does he have like good friends and nice kids and they liked him? >> he liked -- he had a wide circle of friends. he had his wrestlers that surrounded around him. he had other sports. and he had quite a few different circles. but unfortunately, one of the latter circumstan
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loudest circles was the one that influenced bad choices and that breaks my heart. >> it breaks all our hearts and the family and the decedent as well. pastor, thank you, sir. >> thank you. now to the issue on greta will this thrill kill cause as much outrage as the trayvon martin shooting? go to our poll. straight ahead, where is u.n. ambassador samantha power? she was mia at the emergency meeting on syria yesterday. neither the state department north u.n. will tell up us where she is. but is her absence at this emergency meeting important? also dr. ben carson is here. and he has big news. he's going to tell you what it is coming up. plus "the butler" raking in big bucks at the box office. why is one theater owner banning that film? because jane fonda has something to do with it. the president prefers for me to serve in person. >> don't you worry about ronny. >> don't you worry about ronny. i'll take care of that my mantra? trust your instincts to make the call.
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where exactly was ambassador power that she could not take part in this emergency security council session? where exactly was she? >> well, i think the u.n. has spoken to this. but since you asked, ambassador power is on a prearranged trip. >> can you tell us where ambassador power was? >> she had a previously scheduled trip. i don't think i need to go into more details from here. and you're welcome to call the united nations where she's the ambassador. >> you were willing to read out a certain set of facts related to this. why do you stop at this? >> i have no more for you on this. >> the obama administration refusing to say where its new u.n. ambassador was yesterday. we know where she was not. ambassador samantha power did
1:23 am
not attend the emergency security council meeting on syria. we contacted the u.n. and they wouldn't tell us either other than the sort of prearranged trip or whatever it is. but is up important that she wasn't at this emergency meeting on syria, or is it insignificant? >> well, i'm surprised she's on vacation, to begin with. >> so prearranged trip means vacation? >> i think that's clearly what it is. i really think it's a form of child abuse for the obama administration to put people out to have to say that sort of thing. i didn't go on vacation because -- my recess appointment started august 1st. because there's a lot of work to do before the u.n. general assembly opens in the middle of september. plus i thought i ought to try and meet every other u.n. ambassador, meeting 190 people takes some time. so i'm surprised she was on vacation. i think it does make a difference. i think the real work of the u.n. ambassador is the interaction with the other ambassadors in new york. and you can be on the phone, but
1:24 am
if you're not in the room it doesn't make any difference. >> well france, u.k. and russia sense deputies. we sent a deputy. but maybe it's just me. i actually think if you get a job and it's something involving something so urgent as chemical weapons against another country, and she tweeted or was tweeted from her account that the u.n. needed to act fast, i would expect she would act fast. maybe it's me. >> it depends on what your priorities are. if your vacation's important. she didn't come back today either, apparently. >> unless she's like on some mountaintop and she can't get here. >> that's possible. they ought to say that if that's true. it would be better to say she's on a boat in the middle of the pacific and can't get back. that is better than trying to hide where she is in fact. but i think there's a larger issue here. the "wall street journal" has a fascinating editorial out tonight. it will be in the paper tomorrow. saying that the utter fecklessness of the obama administration's policy ought to
1:25 am
cause somebody to resign to assert principle over power. they suggest it might be ambassador power. i don't think she's going to do it. but it's a very interesting point. >> i don't get this. we said a red line. we've passed that red line. we can say whatever that we didn't really pass it but we did pass it. we can say it wasn't a military coup in egypt. it was. we've got very important things going on and everyone taking vacations. maybe they're entitled by law. everybody says i can do the job. she tweets this is extremely important the u.n. acts fast and she's not there. >> well, if your policy is in such disarray as the obama administration's policy is across the board, tweeting is probably the best they can do. and that's what the problem is. honestly at the end of the day it's not whether samantha power is in new york or not. that's enough of an embarrassment. maybe the best thing is to stay away from the scene of the embarrassment. it's the policy itself that's failed. the president never should have drawn the red line unless he intended to do something about it. i happen to think we don't have
1:26 am
any business intervening military. but i tell you this, when the president of the united states makes a commitment and then fails to live up to it, it damages the united states across the board. not just in syria, across the board. and the president has done that again and again. in syria, in benghazi. we're almost a year since the can i killing of the ambassador. what have we done? we've got a sealed indictment. that really deters the terrorists, doesn't it? >> i want to call out france, u.k. and russia. they should have had their ambassadors there as well, too. ambassador, thank you, sir. >> thank you. this is a fox news alert. we have new information on the breaking news we reported earlier. police looking for two suspects in the fatal beating of a world war ii veteran. reporter dillon wallenhouse joins us. what's the latest? >> reporter: good evening. the latest is that police are still looking for these two suspects. they have a description, brief
1:27 am
description. two blackmales, teens. don't know what the motive is. police haven't told us much as far as a motive. it seems to be a random beating. there has been some speculation it was a possible robbery. but as you mentioned, this is an 88-year-old world war ii veteran. he was wounded in okinawa during the war. he spent most of his life in spokane working on cars. we talked to his friends and family, obviously they're pretty shaken up about this because it appears it was just a completely random beating last night. he ended up dying in the hospital early this morning. >> all right. well, we'll be talking about this tomorrow. two black men on an elderly world war ii vet who was shot at okinawa or injured at okinawa. is there any sort of -- i mean i guess the difference between random and racially motivated. is there any piece of information that leads us in either direction? >> reporter: there isn't. and the story is young because it did happen last night. police are trying to get information out throughout the
1:28 am
day and this morning. but there's no evidence at this point to indicate that it is racially motivated. like i said, there has been some speculation of possible robbery motive, but just kind of hammer that home, nothing at this point appears to be racially motivated. >> well, it certainly is terrible the poor man. what was he doing? does he shoot pool there or something? it's one of his hobbies? >> right. we were talking with some of his friends and the bartender at the eagles lodge there. and you know, spokane is a big veterans community. so it's a place where veterans and elderly folks go and hang out. and it was one of his hobbies. he was going up there shooting some pool that night, meeting a friend. and that's what he was doing. he was waiting in a car before he even went in to go shoot pool. and this is when it happened before you even went inside. >> thank you very much for joining us. we're going to continue to get
1:29 am
more information on this terrible news out of the state of washington. thanks, sir. ambassador, before i let you go i do want to ask you one thing. we're just getting news into fox that ambassador power was on a personal trip which we assume to be vacation, that she was unable to make it to new york in time for the emergency meeting. there was no transportation option that would have gotten her into town on time, and that since the moment she learned of the attack she's been engaged with her mission. so i guess that she was unable to get back. >> the security council met again today. it's not solved by one really for the white house, do they want their ambassador there or not? >> i hope that maybe she's en route now. also let's hope that france, u.k. and russia also see this as people may be dying with chemical weapons. >> not so much a priority for them though is it? >> i don't know. ambassador, thank you. senator ted cruz has a message for conservatives. don't blink. what doe go, go, go. three blocks up. i got it, i got it. yep yep.
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senator ted cruz is here. he's leading the charge to defund obamacare at all costs, even if it triggers a government shutdown and alien 80s some fellow republicans. >> now is the single best time we have to defund obamacare. [ cheers ] >> obamacare is the number one job killer in america. it is killing jobs. it is causing more and more people not to be hired. it is causing health insurance premiums to skyrocket. can we bring back jobs? can we stop the irs? [ crowd chanting yes, we can ] >> can we mobilize grassroots america? and can we defund obamacare? [ yes, we can ] >> senator ted cruz joins us.
1:35 am
good evening, sir. >> good evening, greta. always good to be with you. >> nice to have you, sir. i know you've been traveling around doing town hall meetings about obamacare and defunding it. i'm curious how big the crowd are and if you can quantify the level of passion are people angry or not angry? >> well, i'll tell you. the reaction has been electric. the footage there was from dallas two nights ago. we had over 2,000 people there. and the energy and passion. i think among the american people that they understand that obamacare isn't working, that the wheels are falling off. we just learned this week that more and more companies are now dropping spousal coverage. so u.p.s. sent a letter to 18,000 employees informing them that their husbands and wives would no longer be covered by their health insurance. and of course, we all know president obama promised the american people if you like your health insurance you can keep
1:36 am
it. and yet every day that's proving less and less true. and i think the american people are ready to stop this, to stop the biggest job killer we've got in our economy. >> as i understand it, correct me if i'm wrong, the way that you seek to do it is by -- we're coming up against the end of the continuing resolution on the end of september and another -- we have to figure out what to do, whether have another continuing resolution or budget. budget's not going to happen. talking about continuing resolution. your idea is to oppose in the house and the senate but you're the minority of course in the senate. anything in a continuing resolution that funds obamacare? is that correct? >> well, what i think should happen is i think the house should pass a continuing resolution that funds the entirety of the federal government. every bit of it. except for obamacare. and that explicitly prohibits spending any money, mandatory or discretionary, on obamacare. now, the next step we know what will happen. we've seen this really before. president obama and harry reid will scream and yell why are the mean nasty republicans threatening to shut down the
1:37 am
government? and at that point, greta, we've got to do something that conservatives haven't done in a long time. we've got to stand up and win the argument. we've got to stand up and say no, we have voted to fund the government. we want to fund the government. we don't want to shut down the government. why is president obama threatening to shut down the government? president obama has already granted waivers to giant corporations. why is president obama threatening to shut down the government in order to deny those same waivers to hard-working american families? i think that's an argument we can win if only republicans can find the courage to stand up, to stand together and make it. >> all right. now as this unfolds as you say, if we do go into a shutdown we'll see the republicans say it's the democrats' fault, the democrats say the republicans. hypothetically say we go into a shutdown government. tell me how does it affect every american? how would we feel at shutdown? >> greta, we've seen partial
1:38 am
temporary hitdowns before. in 1995, in 1995 the military continued to be paid. medicare continued, social security continued. medicaid continued, interest on the debt continued to be paid. what we saw in '95 was a partial temporary suspension of nonessential government functions. but in my view, we shouldn't shut down the government. we should stand strong and say, obamacare isn't working. it's failing. there's bipartisan agreement. and so we're not going to fund obamacare. and if president obama chooses to force a shutdown, a partial temporary shutdown, then we have to stand together and turn up the heat until the democrats listen to the american people. >> all right. when i was a kid we used to call that game of chicken to see who blinks first which is where it may get to. but tonight i'm reading a national review online that speaker boehner convened a conference call of his house republicans and that what he is thinking about doing is a short-term continuing resolution which maintains the current
1:39 am
sequester spending levels. not defunding obama care. that's in the house. how would that affect your strategy? >> you know, greta, if the forum that we have to convince people of on defunding obamacare is washington, d.c., is the closed, smoky rooms of washington, d.c., we can't win this fight. i can't win this fight. mike lee can't win this fight. no washington politician can win this fight. that's why i'm not trying to make the case in washington, d.c. i'm trying to make the case to the american people. because i think there's a new paradigm of politics where the american people are rising up. just a few weeks ago, a national web site launched don't fund in just a few weeks, nearly half a million americans have signed that web site. if we can see between now and september 30th millions of americans come together, sign the petition at don't fund call their senators, call their
1:40 am
represe representatives. that's how we get this done. it has to come from the people. it won't come from washington. and greta, i think the american people should hold every elected official accountable, including me. and that's the only way we can get this done. >> well, it's interesting 80 out of 233 republican house members are urging the speaker to defund obamacare. that's in a letter on yesterday in favor. but the truth is that like these decisions are not generally made by the people but by your representatives. so you really have a hard road to hoe in terms of getting this if you're expecting the people to do this. >> well, the momentum is going in the right direction. so that's over 80. it used to be 60 in the house. so we're seeing the numbers increase. just today we had another senator join with us in terms of the commitment not to vote for any continuing resolution that funds obamacare. and it's driven by the people. look, the traditional washington way of decision making doesn't work. i mean, it's what's produced 17
1:41 am
trillion in national debt. you don't get that without a whole lot of bipartisan cooperation. and the frustration the american people feel is that our elected leaders aren't listening to us. obamacare is the biggest job killer in the country. just yesterday i sat down at a round table in kerrville, texas with 20 small business owners. i asked them all, what are the challenges you're facing? over half of the small business owners said the biggest impediment they are facing to growth and jobs is obamacare. they talked about -- go ahead, greta. >> i was just going to -- sorry we ran out of time. i want to do o last thing. turn a slight corner this. happens to be a rather significant week in the cruz family. and in fact, we have a new member joining the education. i thought that i'd put this picture up for viewers to see. since you tweeted it, i always like to throw it out if i can, what's this all about? >> well, tuesday was our oldest daughter caroline's first day of
1:42 am
kindergarten. i'll tell you she was thrilled and heidi and i are thrilled, too. she spent most of the summer sleeping in and relaxing and playing with friend. tuesday morning she jumped out of bed early, got dressed, ate breakfast and was beyond thrilled to enter the exciting new world of kindergarten. and we're all really happy about it. >> all right. well, don't tell her about junior high or high school which may not be quite so much fun. senator, thank you, sir. thank you for joining us. >> thank you, greta. coming up, news about dr. ben carson. and he's here. dr. ben carson next. and in two minutes, "the butler" winning big at the box office. so why is a theater owner refusing to show the
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>> you're very popular around here. everyone says you're the man who got the promotion. i had no idea. >> i'd like to invite you to the state dinner next week. >> i'm going to be there serving. >> no. not as a butler, cecil. i'm inviting you as a guest. >> but the president prefers for me to serve in person. >> don't you worry about ronny. i'll take care of that. >> jane fonda protested the vietnam war, even appearing on a north vietnamese anti-aircraft gun in hanoi. then went under the name hanoi jane. a movie theater owner refuses to show the mov we provide the exact individualization that your body needs. this labor day, don't invest in a mattress until you visit a sleep number store. once you experience it, there's no going back. oh, yeah! at our biggest sale of the year, every bed is on sale. queen mattresses now start at just $599.
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1:48 am
>> okay. step outside if you could, sir, of being dr. ben carson. tell us the best reason for dr. ben carson to be president and what would be the not so best idea? >> well, what i've noticed as i've traveled across the country, candy and i have been going everywhere. is that the level of enthusiasm of the crowds and the size of the crowds are just enormous. and i think what they resonate with is the possibility of some common sense and some logic rather than the foolishness that has been going on for decades in washington, d.c., which has led us to the position that we're in now. what america needs may not be me but it does need logic, it needs common sense, it need somebody who can create a vision where we can work together, somebody who can help the american people realize that we're not each other's enemies. the enemies are those people who
1:49 am
try to rev things up and have us all at each other's throats so they can control us like pawns in a chess game. we need to expose those people wherever they are and learn how to work together and make america into what it should be. >> a descendent of john philip sousa has started a superpac. what's your response to him? >> i love sousa music. but i am not going to interfere one way or another as i've said before, i believe that god will make it clear to me if that's something that i'm supposed to do. it's not something they particularly want to do. i find life outside of politics much more appealing. but i did think that retirement for me was going to be a little different than it is. i thought it was going to be golf and learning languages and
1:50 am
traveling. i am doing the traveling, there's no question about that, all over the country. but it's something that needs to be done. i hope other people will get encouraged to do it. because basically what we have to do is get the american people to recognize that we cannot be the land of the free if we're not also the home of the brave. and that means you need to be able to stand up and speak for what you believe. >> dr. carson, as always thank you, sir. >> all right. thank you, greta. straight ahead, there's a whole new way to get your caffeine fix in the morning. that's next. how mu protein does your dog food have? 18 percent? 20? new purina one true instinct has 30. active dogs crave nutrient-dense food. so we made purina one true instinct. learmore at
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>> greta: they're using to charging bulls in spain but this year, one bull wasn't quite finished. rose bowl running wild and charging cars. looks scary but no one was hurt.


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